Fit Yoga

Embrace Your Senses

Why is that, after doing yoga poses, deep breathing, and meditation, you might find yourself taking a bit of extra time shopping for a candle that smells especially delicious?  Or notice that a juicy piece of fruit tastes so much better?  Or find that the wool jacket you’ve worn for years suddenly feels itchy on your skin?  Or maybe you see details in an old photo that you’ve never noticed before?

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Is Your Diet Stopping You From Losing Weight?

Her biggest roadblock was her weight.  She had tried again and again to lose without success, growing up so frustrated she simply gave up trying.

Klepper first tried dieting in college.  She tried all the popular programs – Nutrisystem, Medfast, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, the pineapple diet, the cabbage soup diet, Metabolic, Dexitrim, the Diet Pepsi and Cigarettes diet the, 90/10 diet –as well as other fads she saw advertised on television.  Nothing worked. Exercise tapes and motivational tapes were not successful either.  Her doctor repeatedly told her that the solution was simple:  Eat less, exercise more.  Although she cried infinite tears of frustration and told him that diets and exercise did not make any difference, he remained unsympathetic to her…

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L.A. Times


“How the City Grew”

Since it’s incorporation in 1850, the City of Los Angeles has been gobbling up territory through annexation to expand its borders from 28 square miles to more than 464.  The map below shows the original city and the parcels acquired along the way. The table shows the city’s area and population at the end of each decade.

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Glamour page 1 (2)Body by Glamour

Hollywood Get-Fit Trend!

Move over, yoga–this workout is hotter!  After holding their yoga poses for what seemed like years, starts are starting to loosen up at the dance studio.  Take a peek at who’s kicking up their heels at popular L.A.- area dance spots, and find out how to try one of the workouts for yourself.


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Self page 2 - Copy“Fitness Intelligence”

by Hilary J. Iker

“W” is for Workout

Belts are tightening inside the beltway as President Bush and staffers focus on fitness.

President Bush wants to be more than the leader of the free world–he wants to be your fitness inspiration. To keep in shape for his job, he’s made exercise part of his daily life (there’s a treadmill on Air Force One), and he wants fitness to be part of your life, too.

Bush is not the only one at the White House…

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